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Reduce printing costs. Maximise productivity. Protect your data. Grow your business. 

Your workplace audit can be provided remotely and is designed to:

  • Uncover unnecessary printing and document management costs
  • Determine if you have the right products for your needs
  • Discover where gains in efficiency and productivity can be achieved

Valued at $440, your local CSG print expert will work with you to assess your work environment and provide recommendations for your business.

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What you’ll uncover through a workplace audit

Ways to reduce printing and document management costs
Reviewing how you use your device, user access and volumes will help you gain increased visibility and control of your work environment. This in turn will unlock ways to maximise your budget, minimise downtime and optimise ways of working for your business. 
Ensure you have the right equipment for your needs  
Matching your device to your business needs and goals will ensure it is supporting your team and how you conduct business. By assessing your processes, we can streamline your workflows and uncover automation opportunities to increase your output. 
Opportunities for increased efficiency and maximised productivity  ​
With businesses reimagining how they work, don’t forget to reimagine how you could be using your device. Whether you need cloud-enabled services for remote working, automated workflows to increase productivity, we can work with you to ensure your device matches your new way of working. 
Increased data protection ​
Protect your business from security risks by identifying and reducing security vulnerabilities across your print network. Reviewing your data needs and security protocols, we can determine how to best secure your print environment. 

Matching your service to your requirements ​
Each business requires different service needs to ensure it runs like clockwork. We’ll review your existing process and timing for break/fix, consumable order and delivery to determine your service needs are being met. 

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