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Case Studies

Case Study - BUSY at Work

BUSY At Work’s internal IT team had met the needs of the organisation for a number of years, however concerns were raised over key person risk and a lack of ICT strategy and technological innovation. With the BUSY leadership team recognising that technology would play a pivotal role in the future survival of the organisation, the decision to seek out a suitable IT partner was made by the Board.
Case Study - BUSY at Work

The Challenge

As BUSY grew, so did the demands on our technology” says Paul Miles, CEO of BUSY. “We knew we needed to find an IT partner that= understood we wanted to innovate through the use of technology,= as opposed to just keep the lights on BUSY’s outdated systems could not provide a scalable platform for growth and meant a lot of unnecessary manual administration and inefficiencies.

The Solution

BUSY engaged CSG to become their strategic IT Partner and assist with a strategic IT roadmap, collaboration tools and business intelligence solutions. The first steps involved transitioning BUSY to a stable infrastructure
platform capable of growing with the organisation. This was a private cloud model which reduced operational
risks and allowed faster scalability.

CSG also provided effective support and ongoing strategic planning and advice. The business needed to be able to scale up or down quickly in line with business needs. Scaling up or down was a key concern for BUSY; situations could arise where ten offices might be won as part of a government tender and need to be operational in 45 days. Similarly, the ability to scale down and have essential technology costs reflect this was also critical.

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