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Case Studies

Case Study - The Mailhouse

Faced with losing one of their largest customers, The Mailhouse turned to CSG to bring their technology into the 21st century.
Case study - Mailhouse

The Challenge

For ‘The Mailhouse’ owner Glennis Cleaver, business reached a critical crunch point when its largest customer, a large energy retailer, advised that they wanted to move to a more digitized process for their invoicing. Instead of rapid printing invoice PDFs on offset printed invoice ‘blanks’, the customer wanted to move to a ‘rich format’ invoice. This required that The Mailhouse receive data on a secure line directly from the customer’s billing software, allowing for a faster, more flexible and visually appealing invoice.Unless ‘The Mailhouse’ could support the energy retailer’s plans, they would lose  their largest customer.

The Solution

Glennis recalls that she called her CSG account manager and said “Aaron, I need your help”. CSG moved quickly to develop a solution which included the involvement of ‘Planet Press’, a CSG partner with an out-of-the-box software application that automates the production of rich format documents. CSG worked closely with the energy company to write and script the required integration with the energy company’s billing software. CSG then worked with The Mailhouse to prepare a joint tender, with CSG’s 100 percent backing. The Mailhouse won the tender. CSG implemented the solution without problems and the energy company is delighted with the results. The Mailhouse has gone on to win a similar contract with another energy retailer.

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