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Digital Display

Put your business on display

Keep your business at the centre of attention with a Digital and Interactive Display solution from CSG.
Our custom display solutions are powered by Samsung and designed to really deliver a more engaging experience for your customers.
Every Digital & Interactive Display solution from CSG also includes full installation, training, ongoing support and maintenance – giving you everything you need for one monthly bill.

Our customised solutions

Indoor digital screens and signage

Make a great first impression! Digital screens can be used almost anywhere to ensure a positive and friendly welcome for all visitors and customers. Whether it's in a hotel, office reception area, restaurant or retail store, our range of screens can ensure you reach your audience in the right way.

Reception Screens

A welcome screen allows your brand to put its best foot forward with personalised welcome messages, as well as general information, company presentations and up-to-date news:

  • Create customised, scheduled messages for guests
  • Reduce the need for a receptionist
  • Web connectivity for news, social feeds and weather updates
  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • Platform to showcase new products/offers

Hotel Display and Signage

Provide guests with information about places to visit, hotel restaurants and bars, amentities, and special offers:

  • Service promotion
  • Generate advertising revenue from local businesses
  • Help guests navigate through large hotels with interactive screens
  • Engage staff during check-in
  • Events management

Restaurant Display and Signage

Go digital to highlight quality ingredients, dietary information and menu updates:

  • Easily update nutritional/ dietary information for compliance
  • Reduce printing and design costs
  • Manage multiple sites remotely
  • POS integration
  • Automatically change menus based on time of day

Retail Display

Pull out all the stops to get people in store using visually engaging and interactive shop displays. Digital screens are easier to change than a window display - just simply upload and away you go for:

  • Attention grabbing displays
  • Cloud-sourced content makes updating easy
  • Lower overhead potential
  • Better brand awareness
  • Help increase sales volume


Video Walls

Looking to really make an impact? Digital video walls are the latest way for brands looking to stand out from the crowd with an engaging state-of-the-art digital wall display.

With consumers bombarded with advertising and promotional material every minute, cutting through the noise and ensuring your message gets heard means marketing smarter, not harder.

CSG offers a full range of video displays designed from the ground up to help you reach the people who most matter to your business. Customised to your precise needs and goals and built using the latest LED technology, our video walls are ideal for any business looking for a fresh approach for their marketing efforts.

Leverage the power of our video displays

A video wall consists of multiple digital display panels, tiled seamlessly together to form one mega screen, allowing you to deliver multiple messages at once (if you choose) via a stunning, high spec display.

High-definition screens ensure that your message is always present in the most vibrant colour and with the sharpest clarity giving you:

  • Customised tile layouts
  • More cost efficiency than one large screen
  • Greater pixel density
  • Easy options to update and change
  • Increased viewer engagement and brand awarenes


Outdoor Display and Signage 

Built using the latest LED screen technology, our electronic billboards are the sharper choice for any company looking to raise the profile of their brand. With vibrant colours and deep blacks, they’re a highly visible choice that makes them the ideal way to launch products, raise awareness and demonstrate your capabilities as a market leader.

Why Digital Outdoor Signs?

Electronic signs allow you to leverage the power of video advertising and build deeper, stronger connections with your audience. Don’t just present a picture of your product, demonstrate how it works!

Moving away from static advertising opens up new avenues in your ongoing conversation with your customers – explore them all with help from CSG.

Extend your message beyond your business, with beautiful outdoor signs and cutting-edge digital display solutions that are ready to work around the clock to ensure a 24/7 dynamic and vibrant brand message.

Highly customisable to your needs, our digital commercial signs help you build yourself into a market leader.

Choose from our range of fully customisable outdoor LED display solutions, window facing displays, or outdoor screens - nothing is out of scope for our team of digital experts:

  • Captivate 24/7 rain, hail or shine
  • All-weather durability
  • Customisable and smart content solutions

LED Signage

The latest in LED display signage can help to promote your business and engage potential customers much more effectively than traditional advertising mediums such as billboards and shop-front signage.

From single displays, to large, multi-unit displays and custom-made solutions, CSG can provide a full end-to-end service:

  • Update screens easily and automatically
  • Get high-impact, high-resolution and bright LED display options to better promote your brand
  • Benefit from the energy efficiency of LED over traditional screens

Interactive Display Screens and Whiteboards

Samsung FLIP Interactive Display Screen


Thanks to Samsung, educators are getting excited about a new classroom display that promises all the functionality of a smart interactive display, with fun, user friendly features that borrow from a traditional flipchart design.
The new Samsung FLiP Interactive display is an innovative, feature rich smart screen that is affordable, portable and highly intuitive:

  • Interactive display features from note-taking to intuitive navigation
  • Versatile connectivity and an ergonomic design
  • Innovative touch display technology for smooth writing plus UHD picture quality
  • Portable, wheel-based stand (sold separately)  

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