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Virtual Contact Centre

Increase agent productivity while enhancing the customer experience with our complete, agile contact centre solution.

There are many things to consider when creating the perfect customer experience, particularly when it comes to your contact centre. 

Having high performance customer service agents is one thing; enabling them with the right technology to create a seamless, unified experience is another.

Key Features of the Virtual Call Centre Software:

CSG’s virtual contact centre solution allows you to integrate your headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations into a virtual call center that is made far easier to manage and deploy through innovative call center software. 

Telephony, email, social media and web chat functions all in one application.
Skills-based routing Easily match callers with the agents who can meet their needs.
CRM Integration Integrates with leading on-demand CRM services such as Salesforce, NetSuite, hosted Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk.
Real-time monitoring Virtual Contact Centre software monitors real-time contact centre statistics including queue information, interactions in progress, agent stats and other key performance indicators.
Historical reporting Optimise performance and improve contact centre operations with access to historical data to make informed, smart business decisions.
Post-call survey Give your customers the chance to have their say with a native post-call survey application.
Customer experience Virtual Contact Centre Customer Experience is a ground breaking analytical tool providing unprecedented levels of visibility into customer interactions and IVR usage.
Web callback Cater to your online audience with web callback function. Your customers can get access to the people who can help them with the touch of a button without having to wait on hold.
IVR Quickly connect callers with agents and streamline customer flow with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature.
CTI CTI - (computer-telephony integration) "pops" the callers information to the agent's screen as the call comes in so the agent can provide more efficient, personalised service and fast resolution.
FAQ knowledgebase Give agents the information they need to ensure customers receive accurate and consistent information.
Virtual contact centre call recording Make coaching easier with on-demand or random call recordings that are easily retrieved with call centre call recording.
CRM Perfect for businesses that don't already have one. The CRM enables you to safely store and use customers critical information, solve customer problems quickly and integrate information from other software and sources in the same screen.