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Outdoor Display & Signage

Consumers are bombarded with an average of 4000 advertisements a day. How many do you think they actually remember? Cut through the clutter with CSG’s range of outdoor display and signage solutions.

Standing out in the marketplace means taking an inventive approach. If you pride yourself on being a dynamic organisation, ensure that your advertising lives up to it. Our digital commercial display solutions equip your business with the tools it needs to reach its customers in the most effective way.

Built using the latest LED screen technology, our electronic billboards are the sharper choice for any company looking to raise the profile of their brand. With vibrant colours and deep blacks, they’re a highly visible choice that makes them the ideal way to launch products, raise awareness and demonstrate your capabilities as a market leader.

Why digital outdoor signs?

Electronic signs allow you to leverage the power of video advertising. Widely considered to be the most effective medium for marketing, video advertising allows you the opportunity to build deeper, stronger connections with your audience. Don’t just present a picture of your product, demonstrate how it works, or show the impact it has on people’s lives. Moving away from static advertising opens up new avenues in your ongoing conversation with your customers – explore them all with help from CSG.

Extend your message beyond your business, with beautiful outdoor signs and cutting-edge digital display solutions that are ready to work around the clock to ensure a 24/7 dynamic and vibrant brand message.

Offering both smaller electronic sign boards and large displays for external use, CSG makes it simple and easy for every business to find the perfect digital display solution. Highly customisable to your unique needs and simple to change with tastes and seasons, our digital commercial signs help you build yourself into a market leader.

Choose from our range of fully customisable outdoor LED display solutions, window facing displays, or outdoor screens - nothing is out of scope for our team of digital experts.

  • Captivate 24/7 rain, hail or shine
  • All-weather durability
  • Customisable and smart content solutions

Start a conversation with the team at CSG to learn how we could transform the way you reach your audience. Make an enquiry via our contact page and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.