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Digital Menus, Restaurant Displays & Signage

Want to highlight quality ingredients, dietary information and how your dishes are prepared? Want to be able to update your menus regularly to reflect fresh produce and creativity in your business? Go digital.

CSG does away with wasteful and expensive printing, ensuring that your product is always beautifully advertised. Our digital menu boards and display solutions help to simplify meeting your food and beverage business’ signage needs, so all you have to focus on is providing the best guest experience possible. Whether you’re managing a single location or a string of interlinked franchises, CSG makes presenting your product simple and easy. Discuss your needs with our consultants today and find out how we could transform how your business connects with its customers.

Why digital menus & display?

Are you a bar, restaurant, take away store, fast food outlet or cafe? Digital menu boards and displays can help you upsell and create a better experience for your customers and passers-by. Turn heads and increase walk-ins with bright, eye-catching displays that enhance the readability of your signage, all the while simplifying the process of changing your menu. If your kitchen prides itself on changing with the seasons, make sure your signage can too.

  • Easily update nutritional/dietary information for compliance
  • Reduced printing and design costs
  • Manage multiple sites remotely
  • POS integration
  • Easily upsell
  • Automatically change menu based on time of day
  • Controlled and consistent branding

Simple to install and operate, your new system will be up and running quickly, and with network capabilities ensuring consistency across diverse locations has never been easier. Make your store more visually appealing and ensure unified branding no matter the time of day or what franchise your customers are in with our digital signage solutions.

Enhance your customers’ experience while simplifying menu rotation with help from CSG. Start building the future of your business and learn more about our cutting-edge digital display solutions.

The smarter choice in digital signage

Discuss your needs with a team who understands your business’ objectives. Speak to a CSG consultant today to learn more about how our range of solutions could transform your business. Let us help you make an informed choice that could see your business reach deeper into your target markets. Make an enquiry via our contact page and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.