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Scanning and Automation and Document Processing

CSG offers secure scanning solutions for your business that integrates into your current environment seamlessly. Want to automate your document management processes? Our solutions enable information to be collected easily and quickly through custom designed workflows to save you time and resources.

By implementing a data capture solution and setting up workflows, you’ll be able to automate data capture processes such as processing invoices, scanning and filing, and save a significant amount of time in manual administration.

From paper and electronic sources such as letters, spreadsheets and faxes, to voice, video, images, web and email – our scan and automation solutions can transfer it directly onto your business systems, such as CRM or ERP.

The benefits of Document Scanning Automation

Scanning and processing documents in this was achieves significant long-term benefits, both in terms of time management and resource allocation. Doing away with physical documents allows for diverse departments, such as accounting, to more efficiently manage the flow of new information. With pushes to have new workflow designed specifically around electronic documents, having existing hardcopies of documents scanned acts to both centralise information and adapt to future information flow. 
One of the key benefits of centralisation is to ensure that documents are properly organised to allow for important information to be found simply and quickly. This is crucial in circumstances where time is of the essence. Similarly, having a regulated way to manage new and old information has the potential to save large amounts of resources, as staff only need to manage information with one core process.

UniFLOW -Scan to anywhere 

A complete scan management software, uniFLOW is designed to provide optimum value when digitalising documents.

  • Document scanning
  • ​Document capturing
  • Document distribution
  • Image processing

IRISPowerscan 10 – Multi-channel capture made easy

Scan, structure, sort, index, OCR, convert and export all your documents as fully searchable electronic files onto any business application.

  • Document capture
  • Data integration
  • Advanced classification
  • Multi-channel capture
  • High accuracy indexing
  • One-click validation
  • OCR and compression

Learn more about the power of scanning automation

If you’re wanting to learn more about how document scanning automation can benefit your business, CSG are happy to provide any additional relevant information. We’re here to help you every step of the day – enquire with our knowledgeable team today to find the ideal solution for you.