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5 Reasons Managed Print Makes Sense

Aside from the significant cost-saving advantages, utilising a Managed Print service can benefit organisations of all sizes in a number of ways. Find out how.

1. Optimised security across all devices

Cyber security attacks have detrimental impacts on businesses around the globe every year. Without a dedicated print strategy, you leave your business exposed to a number of potential security breaches as a result of inadequate printing processes and/or unsecure printing devices.

With a Managed Print solution, you can be assured of strong security posture across your entire network of devices thanks to threat detection, automated monitoring and built-in software validation – all factors at the heart of a trusted Managed Print services offering. A Managed Print provider can also manage the day-to-day assessment of your printing environment to identify risks and work with you to implement a print security plan that minimises ongoing risks.

2. Streamlined printer fleet management

Maintaining the right printing fleet mix for your business’ changing requirements can be a challenge. If you have more printing devices than needed, or a more complex set-up than required, you’ll be wasting money on unnecessary supplies, energy, space and maintenance. On the other hand, having too few printing devices can create costly bottlenecks and operational downtime.

A Managed Print services provider can recommend a customised printer fleet set-up based on your organisation’s unique requirements. This means you’ll only ever invest in devices that you actually need, while being confident that you have the right set-up to maximise operational efficiency.

3. Managed Print solutions are sustainable

Energy and paper-saving print technologies can help reduce environmental impact and operational costs, while convenient recycling options ensure that you can responsibly dispose of unwanted hardware and supplies.

Managed Print solutions enable you to take advantage of the most energy efficient devices on the market, while following printing processes that enable your business to operate as sustainably as possible. A Managed Print services provider can recommend the right device mix to help you meet your environmental goals and keep costs low.

4. Cost effective and flexible for businesses of all sizes

Managed Print services are inherently customisable, which means they can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses ranging from SMEs right through to large corporations. What’s more, your service can be upgraded or downgraded as needed, so you’ll always have a printing set-up that’s cost effective and aligns with your business requirements, even if you’re scaling up or down.

Managed Print solutions also don’t go on your balance sheet as an asset but are billed as cost per page (mono or colour), so you only pay for what you actually use. And when it comes time to pay, everything is included in a single monthly bill – making invoice admin straightforward.

5. Take advantage of ongoing maintenance and support

Many businesses struggle to maintain an effective printing set-up simply because they don’t have the resources to do so. In the long run, this can equal costly and frustrating operational inefficiencies that could be avoided by having a reliable maintenance and support system in place.

One of the key benefits to Managed Print is that maintenance and support are part of the core service offering, so you can have peace of mind that your device mix is functioning optimally and fit for purpose year-round. And, in the event that something does go awry, a Managed Print provider can troubleshoot and rectify issues quickly to minimise costly downtime.

If you value the safety of your network and want the most cost-effective printing solution for your business, get in touch with CSG’s Managed Print experts today.