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Cloud Telephony – The Future of Business Communications

As technology continues to advance, there are an array of tools becoming available to improve our ways of working. Cloud telephony is one of those services. Designed to replace traditional PBX phone systems that use outdated hardware, they are the future of business communications.



CSG provide cloud telephony services to businesses looking to improve their communications services. Whether you’re wanting to save money, increase your productivity or improve your business continuity, our telephony services are the ideal solution.

In this blog, we cover how cloud telephony can benefit your business.

Reduce costs

The cost of setting up a traditional PBX system for the first time can be extremely expensive. Not only do you need the PBX switch, but all the individual lines need to be installed as well. Any changes you make to your set-up, such as moving an extension to a new location will require a technician visit, resulting in another bill. With cloud telephony, you need only the one line for your broadband connection, dramatically reducing your setup costs. Even businesses with an established traditional PBX can make a return on investment when switching to cloud telephony, by reducing the ongoing costs of both local and international calls and improving their team’s productivity.

Mobile solutions

If you or your employees are out of the office regularly, with cloud telephony there’s no need to hand out personal mobile numbers to clients everywhere you go. Instead, your business phone system will be able to connect your mobile phone via different smartphone apps, ensuring your office number is in your pocket no matter where you are, keeping your productivity sky high.

Connectivity across multiple sites

Cloud telephony can service all of your sites, whether it's local, national, or global. Not only does this make it easier for companies to employ remote workers, but this also allows existing employees to work from home or abroad. Regardless of their location, they can still be a part of the office with internal calls and teleconferencing options, as well as centralised answering, consistent numbering plans and uniform messaging.

Different methods of communication

Collaborating with different team members in different locations? Maybe your conversation starts as a group chat and now you need to get on the phone. With cloud telephony services, your online chat can transition seamlessly into a teleconference or even a video conference depending on your requirements – even if you’re out of the office or overseas.

Improve your reputation

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, on average more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation, with customers considered the most important stakeholders for managing reputation risk.

One of the key factors for managing risk is effective communication. Customers prefer to deal with credible, well-known brands as they believe their enquiries will be handled with due care and efficiency. If your one phone number is engaged each time a customer calls, this can be damaging for your brand. A cloud telephony solution will reduce this risk and help ensure your reputation remains positive.

How do you know if cloud telephony is right for your business?

If you’re not sure whether cloud telephony is the right solution for your business, you need to simply ask yourself a few questions about your business and your requirements. How many staff do you have? What types of calls do they typically make and receive? Do all your employees work in one office or are you spread across different sites (at home, in another city or another country)? How often are you and your team on the road? Do you have different departments? If a customer pressed ‘1’ for sales, would it be useful if all the relevant employees’ extensions rang? This could be at the same time or one after another.

If any of these features sound useful for you, then it might be time to say goodbye to that old business landline and make the switch to the future of business communications.

CSG offer a range of affordable cloud telephony options, guaranteed to help you reduce your ongoing costs and improve your productivity. Get in touch with us today to learn more.