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CSG and HP are Getting Serious About the Environment

CSG and HP share the same set of values when it comes to protecting the environment. Learn about what steps we’re taking to make the planet a better place.


Printing may not seem like the most environmentally friendly topic, but when it comes to CSG and HP, you may be surprised to know we’ve already put a number of practices in place to make sure our customers are reducing their carbon footprint and helping our planet.

Making a commitment to a greener world

HP has a long history of focusing on the environment, and it shows in the accolades they’ve received over the years. In fact, in 2017, HP was one of only seven companies to make the latest CDP Climate A List, Water A List, and Supplier Engagement leaderboard and it’s an approach and ethos that CSG’s Chief Print & Display Solutions Executive, Australia, Matthew Manton can align with.
“From the get-go, HP has been a leader in authenticating feasible and legitimate avenues for reducing their carbon footprint, and contributing to the circular economy. It’s one of the many reasons why CSG is so proud to be in partnership with them,” Matthew says.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the practices HP and CSG have put in place to help customers use less waste when it comes to print:

Efficient, low-waste products

Much of the work HP has done to protect the environment comes down to the products and services they offer, many of which are available through CSG’s Managed Print services. Through their Design for Environment program, HP strives to provide energy-efficient machines, manufactured with recycled content and recyclable materials. Some of the most impressive models within the program reduce supplies and packaging by 95.3% compared to other brands of printers.
Many HP printers come with features that automatically reduce energy usage, such as allowing IT managers to control a machine’s sleep-wake cycle so energy isn’t being used when not active. HP multi-use devices also allow businesses to have one machine for printing, copying, and faxing, effectively replacing three energy-using devices with one.
This means that businesses using HP products can rest assured the machines they rely on every day are not only reducing their impact on the environment, but they’re also helping save on energy costs.

A smarter way to recycle

It’s no secret that some printers can lead to a lot of waste – from unused paper to non-recyclable print cartridges. However, the Design for Environment program takes these issues head on by ensuring that HP machines are recyclable from end to end.
HP hardware and print cartridges are designed to be easily recyclable. Beyond that, HP runs recovery, trade-in, and donation services that allow businesses to safely dispose of machines that they no longer need or can use. In fact, HP will even help them recycle machines that are created by other brands.

CSG and HP partnership

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing waste, CSG continues to work closely with HP, which ultimately helps to provide eco-friendly print solutions to CSG’s varied customer base. CSG’s values and ongoing commitment to supporting better environmental practices align closely with HPs, ensuring our customers can also feel good about how they use their business technology.
“It’s an approach and philosophy that we’re proud to share with them. It’s an important issue that many of our customers care deeply about. So we’re happy that we can provide the right avenues for our customers to contribute to the circular economy from a print perspective,” Matthew says.
CSG also provides all print customers with recycle bins, so they can easily cut down on their paper waste. Beyond that, CSG also supports the non-profit organisation Planet Ark’s recycling processes, and we also encourage our business partners and customers to honour the same set of values when it comes to all of us doing a little bit more in helping to protect the planet.  
If you’d like to learn how an HP Managed Print solution can be better for your business, and just as importantly a greener planet, speak with one of our Managed Print experts today.