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CSG's Commitment to Australia's Regional Workers

Learn how CSG helps regional workers across Australia find the business technology solutions they need, no matter where they are.

Over 30% of Australians live outside of major capital cities, and that number is expected to grow. This segment of our population is vital to our nation’s economy, responsible for two thirds of our nation’s export earnings, according to the Regional Universities Network.

Beyond that, rural Australians make up an important part of the rich cultural fabric of our country, and it’s important businesses do what they can to support these communities. That’s why CSG dedicates much of its time and business to providing regional workers with the same level of service and support they would receive, regardless of their distance from an urban centre.

The CSG difference

We’ve spent over 30 years servicing the people of Australia, and that’s given us time to grow from our humble beginning in Darwin to a nationwide provider of fully business technology solutions. Today, we have more than 15,000 customers across the country, with over 30,000 devices under our management.

Over time, we’ve built close relationships with regional partners, many of the small family-owned businesses, to make sure we can provide all of our top-level services to people living in even the most remote parts of the country.

This means our rural customers can build relationships with technology experts they know and trust, from their own communities, while still taking advantage of the sophisticated solutions we offer.

How regional Australians benefit

Regional Australians work in a range of services, but some of the most common industries in rural areas are also those that need the most sophisticated and often complex business solutions. The majority of employees in regional areas work in health, education, and infrastructure—these are businesses that rely on the business technology they use to continue to serve their customers and clients.

Rural-based businesses can access all of CSG’s business technology solutions, including:

  • Managed Print
  • Managed IT & Cloud
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Digital Display
  • Video/boardroom conferencing

Through CSG’s partners – which includes HP – we provide some of the best technology available today. Any by providing installation and maintenance through our subscription service, it means our regional businesses can access the best solutions for their needs. We even have a dedicated liaison in our Brisbane office who holds relationships with our regional partners, ensuring a seamless service for CSG customers across the country.

Finding your solution

So whether you’re after a tailored Managed Print solution, or one of our many other business technology solutions, we’re here for you! And regardless of where your business might be located, we can help keep your business technology running smoothly.