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Digital Signage – The Key to Engaging the Modern Customer

Digital displays are transforming the ways that consumers interact with brands – learn how powerful this medium could be for your business in CSG’s latest blog.

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Digital Signage – The Key to Engaging the Modern Customer

Customer behaviour is changing to such a degree that for many businesses, building durable and profitable relationships with consumers requires a new approach. Existing marketing techniques and platforms are becoming increasingly out-dated in an era when people are ruled by their personal devices, making much of what marketers and advertisers have relied on over the past century ineffective. With consumers faced with more distractions than ever before, the question for any business looking to stay relevant in changing times is what can you do to cut through?

The limitations of traditional advertising

Previously, the answer was simple – go larger with more advertising. High-gloss billboards and indoor signage were previously seen as the fastest way to get a message to market without relying on mass media such as TV, radio or print. Unfortunately, many industry experts are tipping that most major metropolitan areas have reached the saturation point for visual advertising, with Nike Air Jordan’s global director of advertising Desmond Marzette arguing that consumers have become nearly immune to traditional forms of advertising.

“Back in the day, when we didn’t have DVRs or anything, you could get a special feeling from digesting an ad in one way. Now you’re seeing an ad every 10-15 secs, whether on your phone, online. It’s everywhere… That’s downgraded the value of advertising to the consumer,” he said.

His comments are supported by survey results from NewsCred that argue that millennials – now one of if not the largest generation in most western nations – are increasingly shunning traditional forms of advertising and prefer brand messages that are engaging and tailored to their interests.

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How digital displays make the difference

Looking for a better solution to reach your audience? A 2012 study by members of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute revealed some interesting results of digital display advertising. While intended as an examination of the effects of eye-catching digital displays on driver awareness, the study is useful for marketers as it shows the significant impact this advertising format can have on consumers. Drivers experienced more than double the number of eye fixations – the act of holding your gaze on a single location – when presented with a digital display compared to other types of signs, helping to build a more complete image of the message and aiding in recall. Additionally, their dwell times (total time spent looking at the ad) were nearly three times longer than those for traditional signs, meaning that consumers were taking more and longer looks at a message simply because it was presented on a digital display.

These statistics suggest that while many device users habitually press the ‘Skip’ button on advertisements as quickly as possible and can walk through a street filled with static billboards without retaining a single message, digital display’s ability to recontextualise content makes it uniquely powerful.

A more flexible approach to advertising

Many companies have already recognised the effectiveness of digital displays, with the industry ballooning from $6 billion in 2013 to more than $23 billion in 2018. In addition to its ability to recontextualise previously ignored video content, they also offer brands the ability to show some additional creativity in how they reach their target market.