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Is your printer leaving the door to your data wide open?

As print technology increases in sophistication and functionality, the humble printer is quickly becoming a crucial consideration of corporate security.
Print security

Traditionally, printers offered simple, functional printing and scanning services on local networks. However with modern multifunction printers, new remote access and storage capabilities can allow harmful external sources to infiltrate unprotected networks, whether through accessing stored data on the printers themselves or accessing the network connected with the printer. 

Unsecured printers overlooked

With IT departments and businesses time poor and focused on critical growth targets, managing print devices can often be a low priority as they are traditionally deemed as a low security risk.

Ben Vivoda, Director of Printing Systems for HP South Pacific, says “We're seeing that the volume of points of exposure businesses need to contend with are expanding.”

"The table stakes are going up, not only just in the cost of being ready for a security breach, but also the risk of damage to reputation and future business." Vivoda explained.

"Vulnerabilities are being exposed in all kinds of network attached devices, including the humble network printer.
Typically, we're seeing the printer gets left out and overlooked and left exposed. Businesses can no longer afford to overlook print when it comes to their overall IT cybersecurity strategy,” said Vivoda.

Preventing a network breach

Improper security measures can leave any business vulnerable to hackers. Once a hacker gets access to an unsecured print device, this can allow them to send malicious files through the network, as well as launching denial-of-service attacks. Manipulating the printing processes can also cause significant disruptions – hackers can flood a printer’s printing queue with fraudulent print jobs, which can easily disrupt workflow and chew through company resources.

With access to print history, hackers can also obtain confidential information such as bank details, the private information of employees, customer information and corporation practices.

Closing the gap with HP

With tougher cyber security measures enforced by Australian government and fines of up to $1.8 million for organisations, there is greater pressure on businesses to tighten all areas of their network security.
As an official partner for HP, CSG are proud to be able to offer our customers the world’s most secure printing devices.

What makes them so secure?

  • Run-time intrusion detection designed to prevent intruders from introducing malicious code into a network while a printer is running. This innovative feature checks for anomalies during firmware and memory operations, and if an intrusion is discovered, the device automatically reboots.
  • HP Sure Start software to ensure that if a compromised version of a BIOS (the boot instructions used to load hardware and firmware) is discovered on boot up, the device safely restarts using a “golden copy” of the BIOS.
  • Effective whitelisting ensures only authentic, untampered HP code is loaded into memory. This prevents the manipulation of features such as printing, scanning and emailing. Of a threat is discovered, the device automatically reboots to a secure, offline state and notifies IT to reload authentic firmware.

 We take print security seriously...

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