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Meet the Team Behind Your Team - Brendon Davis

Behind every successful person, there are hundreds of stories about the people who supported them in achieving their goals; whether it was a coach, mentor, or parent – success takes an entire team.
At CSG, we pride ourselves in being the team behind YOUR team. We work tirelessly to ensure our experts are the best in their field, that our training is best in class, and that our solutions are the best for you.

Meet Our Experts...

Brendon Davis

Name: Brendon Davis
Role at CSG: Senior Systems Engineer
Years of experience: 17 years

Brendon started working in IT over 17 years ago. If you ever met him, you would be forgiven for assuming he landed his first job aged 5. But don’t let that baby face fool you, Brendon has worked all over the world for several large multi-national companies, has run sessions at Microsoft TechEd, and is our subject matter expert for Microsoft Cloud products and infrastructure.

“It is my task to take the roadmap which our Technical Account manager or Virtual CIO creates, out to our customer and work with them to turn that into a viable IT solution. I scope the equipment, licenses and services required and work to deliver this in the least impactful way for our customer, staff and even their customers. With the way customers work these days, my job feels like replacing an engine on a 747 while it’s still flying from Sydney to Perth!”

What problems do you help CSG customers solve?

Brendon: “Unfortunately you can’t simply buy “A Cloud” like you can a cheeseburger. Any system used for a business needs to be adapted to the requirements and restrictions of the work being performed. “The Cloud” is a great idea in practice but like with any business process, it must be deployed correctly for it to work to its potential.

Having worked with such a wide range of customers from a five person mobile office to the 5000 user departments for the past 17 years; I understand the challenges faced with changing the way people work. I bring the experience and reliability demanded for large IT systems and put these solutions and practices in place for expanding businesses to limit or ease growing pains for staff and business owners.”

What are some positive customer outcomes you are proud to have been part of?

Brendon: “From giving mobile carers access to important patient information on mobile devices, to setting up job seeker and placement support workers with access to live data and feedback on their customer relationship management tool.

I often find myself assisting new customers as they commence their managed services engagement with CSG. They may have been being run by an in-house IT team or another managed services provider. In many cases the systems are literally bursting at the seams.”

What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on? 

Brendon: “During a project, I was sitting in the office of a senior manager for a charity in Brisbane having just migrated several systems into the cloud. We were looking over the issues register for staff and confirming which if any business processes were impacted from the migration. A family - clearly not of Australian heritage - came into the office looking very lost and confused. The manager excused herself from our discussion for a moment, walked out, and asked if she could help.

I could only watch from inside the meeting room, but the look of relief that came over both parents faces after talking to the senior manager really struck a chord with me. Whilst companies like CSG and people like myself really only work in the background, the difference we make to businesses enables them to make a difference in society. It’s nice to know that we all play our little part in making life better for the people around us and I am very proud of that.”

And lastly, what do you love most about your role?

Brendon: “Every day at work is a puzzle and a challenge. I live my life on the edge of what is possible. Technology has improved to such a level that people can provide a service or product to and from almost anywhere in the world. My goal each day is to find innovative ways to use new and existing technology to expand how people work and think.”

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