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Meet the Team Behind Your Team - Michael Kalatzis

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Michael Kalatzis

Name: Michael Kalatzis
Role at CSG: Senior Consultant
Years of experience: 17 years

Michael works in our managed IT services department as a senior consultant. He is responsible for customer on-boarding, consulting and communicating with our clients on new projects and maintaining key relationships throughout the partnership. Michael is an integral link between our client and our IT support team, attending regular onsite client meetings to review recent service jobs and taking feedback back to our team. 
With his strong background in IT, Michael is also able to lend a technical hand to clients, performing level two and three technical jobs as well as running monthly reviews of our clients IT environments. Our health monitoring reports ensure all hardware, software and services are running at optimum levels and helps us to identify early on any problem areas that require attention. 

Michael says, “My role is about being proactive. By making sure that clients technical documentation and IT environment is all up to date, and that everything is configured and running according to best practice, our customers can sleep easy knowing they are in safe hands. This approach results in fewer issues for our clients and in the eventuality that a problem does occur, we can quickly resolve it.”

What problems do you help CSG customers solve?

Michael: "Clients who come to CSG for help have a range of issues, but most requests that come to me are for:

  • Integrating a new branch office into an existing IT network
  • Performance and speed issues of servers and/ or internet connections
  • Day to day issues such as printers not working, workstations crashing, user profiles not loading correctly.

All the simple fix stuff that eats up IT administrator’s time, we take care of that."

What are some positive customer outcomes you are proud to have been part of?

Michael: “The most rewarding outcomes would be for new clients who come on board with pre-existing issues. After performing a review of their network configuration and applying the changes, the client can be very grateful for removing pain points that have been there for quite some time.”

What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on? 

Michael: “The most rewarding project I have worked on was for IPG Connect. Prior to us having a project team, myself and other senior consultants would perform server projects ourselves. For IPG Connect, they had a specific requirement to improve the speed of their database in order to win a large deal. I implemented a new dual Dell Host running Hyper-V and Dell SAN solution. The client was ecstatic that the speed of their main line of business application/database was significantly improved.”

And to finish, what do you love most about your job?

Michael: “I love being involved with new high level solutions and working with new technology and hardware. Getting to know the solutions in theory is great, but seeing them applied in customer environments and seeing the true business value of our solutions is what I find most interesting.”


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