Cookie Time

There are times when a small piece of technology can make a big difference. CSG’s implementation of a state-of-the-art mobile printing solution for Cookie Time is one of those times.


The Challenge

A network of 50 sales and delivery representatives service more than 6000 retail outlets nationwide, supplying tens of millions of cookies each year. Each representative can be servicing as many as 300 customers, once or twice a week. Many of those retail outlets are small businesses who require a printed delivery docket and invoice with each delivery.

Ideally, Cookie Time’s sales and delivery team need to agree with each retailer the type and amount of each order, on the spot, and then immediately supply a printed copy of an invoice and delivery docket accurately recording the order.

Sounds simple, but in reality the existing solution that involved using an iPad and an app to link to a mobile printer was unreliable and was a significant irritant in Cookie Time’s otherwise smoothly functioning supply chain.


The Solution

“CSG have given us great support throughout the project, working with us every step of the way as we became among the first in the country to roll out the new printers.

“We particularly appreciate the great CSG leading deal which gives us a four year contract with full warranty on all printers throughout the contract term. There’s no pain or drama. If there’s a problem, CSG just send out a replacement. And in a year, we’ve only had one printer that required replacement,” Ewan said.


Download the full case study: Cookie Time Case Study

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