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The Six Pros of Going Paper-lite

Paper and documents are integral to the day-to-day operations in your law firm. From contracts to leases, client documents and data – the sheer variety of documents required for each case can be enormous.

One of the biggest challenges for law firms today is being able to effectively manage the continual influx of the wide range of different documents required for each case. It is not only extremely time consuming trying to manage all these various documents, but it also makes it difficult to track any associated printing costs and charge these back to the relevant clients.

Going paper-lite by integrating your printing, scanning and Practice Management systems can help your firm focus on your clients, streamline your internal workflow, and increase security and reporting - instead of looking for documents relating to your cases. 

Here are six pros to going paper-lite in your  workplace and setting up your document management game. 

  1. Cost control

According to ALL Associates Group, legal organisations spend an average of 13.7% of their annual revenues on internal and external document production - more than double the average for all other industries. Being able to control these costs is a simple way to improve the bottom-line profitability of your firm, which is why you need real visibility across the documents being created.

  1. Increasing revenue

Majority of document handling fees can be charged back to clients. However, it can be difficult to calculate the exact cost of these activities when your Practice Management Software and multifunction devices are poorly integrated. As a legal professional, part of your role is to use practice management systems to control the flow of information across the firm. Using a fully integrated solution can help track these activities to later convert into billable revenue. 

  1. Improving productivity

Effective process workflows are essential for maximising productivity in a law firm. To help seamlessly manage the vast array of case documents, replace manual processes with automated workflows for document and matter management. 

When every step of these processes is optimised for your firm, the time savings can be incredible. By creating a smart workflow, you’ll be able to scan, store and convert documents for improved archiving, retrieval and duplication.

  1. Professional efficacy

A law firm’s reputation hinges on being consistently accurate and professional. Poorly organised and low-quality documents are a fast way to damage your reputation, no matter who your clients are. Your client management solution should enable you to accurately allocate documents to the correct case or matter number in seconds, and your scanning and archiving process should be completely in sync with the practice management software you have in place. 

  1. Security and data protection

Keeping documents secure and confidential is one of the most vital tasks of any law firm, so it is crucial that your practitioners have access to secure printers, that can be audited for compliance purposes. With follow-me printing, staff will no longer have to race to the printer to get a printed document. This functionality instead keeps the document in queue and prints only when you arrive at the printer and scan your access card. This way staff can also choose to print and collect their documents from any printer they choose, no matter where they are, and you can keep track of who is printer what and where easily.

  1. Use less paper

While law firms may not be able to attain a truly paperless office, implementing an automated document and print management solution will help reduce paper usage. With more reporting required around paper usage and environmental impact, this is essential for a modern practice.
Automation can bring many benefits to your practice, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to look. To help start your automation journey, we can provide a free workplace audit – reviewing your current systems and processes and unlocking opportunities for your business to benefit.

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