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The Software Making Printers More Than Just Printers

Printers are no longer just machines you use to get a physical copy of a digital document. Learn about the software that’s making printers so much more.

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, flying cars … and printers? Believe it or not, some of the most exciting technological advancements are happening inside the machines businesses use every day: printers.

If you still think of your printer as a clunky machine that only has one job, it’s time to adjust your perspective. These days, companies like HP are manufacturing print machines with sophisticated hardware and software that allow them to do so much more than just your basic everyday print job. So let’s look at some of these exciting advancements.

Improving workflow management

Anyone who has used a printer knows this frustrating scenario: you print a document only to find out the margins are off, or the colours aren’t right. You have to head back to your desk, adjust the document on your computer, and pray that it comes out right the second time. This is made even worse if you print multiple incorrect copies — not to mention the amount of waste this creates.

Thanks to companies like HP, this type of issue is a thing of the past. Their SmartStream software makes it easy to manage workflows and get jobs done in half the time. This product allows you to view your documents in real-time, living colour, on the machine itself. That means you’ll have a chance to review exactly how the document will look before it comes through the machine. The embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine 3 will even highlight issues like missing fonts to make it easier to spot them before you print out dozens of incorrect copies.

You can also create pre-set settings, so that you don’t have to adjust the settings one by one each time you need to take on a different job. SmartStream software also makes it easy for workers to organise multiple jobs, classifying them by urgency and deadlines. In short, employees will save time and improve efficiencies with these machines.

Transparency and security

Modern printers have come a long way when it comes to securing printers and allowing businesses to have clear insights on their print usage.

For example, many printers today are connected to cloud services, meaning you don’t have to worry about storing sensitive information on hardware within your offices. Data transferred to and from your printers can be encrypted, and you can even implement physical security measures, such printers that require an ID swipe or code to execute a job.

When it comes to transparency, the HP SmartTracker software can make a big difference. Control your print costs by generating easy-to-read reports on print usage. Say goodbye to the meticulous job of entering ink usage and print pages into spreadsheets—with this software, you’ll be able to consolidate reports from multiple machines into one place, making it easy to understand the details of your print expenditure.

Scalability made simple

Some of the biggest headaches in the world of printing come from large-scale businesses that need complex print environments. Fortunately, with modern technology like the LRS Workplace Printing Software, even the most complicated workplace scenarios can be made simple and easy to manage.

For example, businesses that require both spool-based printing options for their large corporate locations along with direct IP printing methods for smaller remote offices can take advantage of the VPSX/Workplace hybrid print architecture system. Through the VPSX/DIrectPrint system, workers anywhere, at any time, can access documents through a single WIndows application to deliver them to any network printer. For companies who have employees on the go, this software also allows users to print documents from their mobile device.

These are just some of the technological advances that make printers so much more than the machines of yesteryear. If you want to know more about how your printer can take your business to the next level, contact CSG and we’ll be happy to show you.