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Three Essential C’s to Working from Home Effectively


While the idea of working from home or remotely may sound easy, it can present its own set of challenges. Things can go wrong, and things may not get done. 

To ensure you and your team can work from home or remotely effectively, it is important to remember the 3 essential C’s: Clarity, Communication and Cadence.  

Clarity: Create clear goals

Effective teams are aligned teams and work towards common goals. This is even more important when working remotely. 

Create clarity by defining:

1. What are the team’s goals, and what tasks need to be completed to achieve them? 

2. Why are these goals important, and how do they contribute to the overall business’ strategy and success?  

3. Who is responsible for each task or goal?  

4. When do tasks need to be completed? 

By working towards a common goal, understanding how you are getting there, as well as how you fit into the wider business puzzle, you and your team can have a clear picture what you are trying to achieve together. 

Communication: Maintain constant and effective communication with your team

Defining the why, when and how to communicate creates effective communication. .  

This could be as simple as using a video and messaging solution such as Zoom for meetings and keeping connected, creating structure to how people share information and when, and where information is stored. This avoids communication chaos – with Sally sharing information via email, John via Zoom chat, and Elly saving documents in the directory without letting people know. Creating these clear channels and guidelines will help teams work together effectively towards their common goals. 

When working remotely many people fall prey to email only communication. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, book a Zoom meeting or video call. If you’d get up from your desk to talk something through when in the office, make a video call to discuss it virtually when remote! 

Cadence: Establish routines and document processes

Working from home or working remotely, especially if it’s your first time, will take some getting used to. Hence, it is important to create a regular routine for yourself to ensure you stay productive. 

Set regular ‘online’ hours and make time for regular breaks where you can get up from your home or remote desk. This includes stopping to have lunch, even when busy, and having that at a set time each day. It is also important to keep regular meetings and check-ins with others. This will give your day a better sense of structure. 

With people working in different locations, clear processes are key. This ensures everyone knows where information is stored and shared, as well as provides clear roles and responsibilities. Creating this structure enables teams to work together more effectively, improving your productivity. 

By using the three C’s  – clarity, communication and cadence – you and your team can be effective and connected no matter where you work, leading to a happier and more productive remote working team environment. 

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