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What Actually are the Multiple Functions of a Multifunction Printer?

In this blog post, we explain the multiple functions found in a multifunction printer, and how they can benefit your business.


Business owners are frequently trying to find ways of cutting operational costs, streamlining processes, and developing office habits that will both promote cost-effective efficiency, whilst also delivering high quality products or services to their customers. Something that plays an enormous part in each of these aspects is technology. In this modern era, tech can change the landscape of an industry and completely reshuffle how it is you conduct business. A prime example of that, which has become a staple in countless offices across the world, is the multifunction printer.

In this blog, the experts at CSG explore the multiple functions of the multifunction printer, and how they can improve your business.

High Speed Printing

Every office will have different printing needs, depending on the nature of their work. Whether you develop high volume print projects that need frequent circulation, or simply require a few meeting notes every now and then, the one thing every office will have in common is a desire for speed. No one wants to be waiting days for a handful of sheets to print, and while all multifunction printers can print, the range at CSG boast some of the highest speeds in the game, with impressive 40-60 pages per minute, depending on the model.

Clear Scanning & Photocopying

While a lot of the work today is conducted online, it is still common for many offices to utilise physical documents and paperwork. For greater efficiency, you want to ensure that your multifunction devise has adequate scanning and photocopying abilities. If you have a large office, you need to have a device that can handle the volume, or upload the information to shared storage locations, such as SharePoint, or to be transferred via email and USB. 

Network Connectivity & Premium Security

With the above in my mind, it is essential for your multifunction device to have the capabilities of connecting to your network, and integrate within your existing IT strategy.

This will deliver greater ease printing over the wifi network, removing any unneeded traffic by the printer. Considering this connection to your business’s sensitive information, however, it is also imperative for sophisticated security measures to be in place, such as the multi-layered strategies in place throughout the range offered at CSG.

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