Mobile Device Security

Ensure total corporate information security and enable remote data wiping with our centrally controlled CSG Cloud

In today’s mobile world with BYOD policies becoming more and more common, companies need to be able to protect important company information without inhibiting the mobile worker. 



With CSG you can secure your mobile devices and PCs via a simple and effective mobile management service from CSG Cloud. 

Our mobile security solution keeps your corporate information safe while providing freedom and flexibility to your staff to work the way the way they want.

If an employee leaves your organisation or loses their mobile device corporate data can be wiped remotely ensuring integrity is not compromised. Personal data is left untouched.  PCs, laptops, servers and mobile devices can all be secured and controlled centrally from one console for simplicity and ease.


With secure local hosting in Australia, our mobile device management and remote data erasure services give you peace of mind


  • Central control delivered via the CSG Cloud service 
  • One console to manage and secure PCs, laptops, servers and mobile devices
  • No installation, no up-front costs and no hidden charges 
  • Remote wipe of corporate data, personal data left untouched
  • Users can enjoy the native email client while corporate email is housed in a separate container
  • Secured centrally via managed anti malware, app reputation and a Secure Container (KNOX compatible) for encrypted email, contacts and calendar, secure document viewing and cut and paste restrictions
  • Easy over the air provisioning and policy distribution 
  • Support for the most used consumer devices

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