With businesses facing increased competition, there is greater emphasis on creating a positive customer experience from the first interaction.

Businesses striving to break through the clutter, are turning to digital display technologies to achieve high impact, brand consistency, and better customer engagement – among other business benefits.


Reception Screens

Digital welcome board displays are a modern and professional way to provide a friendly welcome to visitors or customers entering your company building; whether that be an office, lobby, hotel, museum, visitor or convention center.

A welcome screen allows your brand to puts its best foot forward with personalised welcome messages, as well as general information, company presentations and up-to-date news.

  • Create customised, scheduled messages for guests
  • Reduce the need for a receptionist
  • Web connectivity for news, social feeds and weather updates
  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • Platform to showcase new products/offers

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Hospitality Screens for Hotels

When guests check-in to a hotel, it's important to make sure their first impression is a good one, but it's also important to ensure they have a good overall experience inside the hotel walls and within the local area.

Digital screens whether small, or large and flashy, can provide guests with information about places to visit, hotel restaurants and bars, amenities and special offers. It's a small detail that can go a long way.

  • Service Promotion
  • Generate advertising revenue from local businesses
  • Help guests navigate through large hotels with interactive screens
  • Engage staff during check-in
  • Events management
  • Brand reinforcement

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Digital Menu Boards

Static menu boards used in restaurants and fast food establishments were once the standard, but a new bench mark has been set with the introduction of digital menu boards.

Want to highlight quality ingredients, dietary information and how your dishes are prepared? Want to be able to update your menus regularly to reflect fresh produce and creativity in your business? Going digital gives you the liberty to change information instantaneously across multiple locations, so if you own multiple sites or a franchise business, you can ensure consistency.

  • Easily update nutritional/dietary information for compliance
  • Reduced printing and design costs
  • Manage multiple sites remotely
  • POS integration
  • Easily upsell
  • Automatically change menu based on time of day
  • Controlled and consistent branding

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Screens for Retail Fit Out

With great competition in the retail space, shop fronts need to pull out all the stops to make buying in person worth the trip. One way businesses are doing this is through visually engaging and even interactive shop displays. With cloud connectivity, digital screens are easier to 'dress' than a mannequin or window - just simply upload and away you go!

  • Attention grabbing displays
  • Cloud-sourced content
  • Lower overhead potential
  • Better brand awareness
  • Increased sales volume

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Kiosk Eboards and Tablets

Looking for an easy way to manage customers; signups, reservations, event check-ins and ordering? Kiosk eboards and tablets are a simple and cost effective solution for businesses looking to engage customers in new ways, or who can't afford to have staff manning every area at all times.

In addition, this hardware is constantly evolving to give businesses greater capabilities; just by downloading an app to the device you could be taking credit card payments in minutes, collecting attendee information at events, and customising purchases.

  • Portable and easy to install
  • Easy to update and operate
  • Sales support tool for staff
  • Lead generation
  • Showcases products and cross sell

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