Track, Control & Manage

Our software solutions enable you to reduce your print volume, costs and environmental impact and track, control and manage your printing. Mobility solutions mean your staff can print from anywhere while keeping your documents secure.



Digitise all your documents and workflow

CSG can show you how your electronic and paper based information can be digitally captured, processed and stored for everyone to share securely.

Automate manual processes and speed up your workflow

Automate manual tasks like invoice processing and data entry, and free your staff to focus on business critical tasks. CSG can show you how to get back the hours and days currently wasted on manual and time intensive functions.

Mobile and wireless printing for flexible working

Mobility is more relevant than it has ever been. CSG can assist with mobile, wireless and ‘tap to print’ solutions to improve your efficiency and productivity. Your staff can then send, retrieve, print, collaborate and share information remotely and securely from anywhere – and in real time.

CSG’s Print Service saves a customer money

“Through the reduction and streamlining of our print with CSG we have seen a 20% drop in print related outgoings”

Osborne Yuille Financial Planning

See how you can save up to 30%

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