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May 25, 2017

WannaCry: Lessons to Learn from Recent Global Cyberattack

The most recent successful ransomware – WannaCry – is a perfect example of how cyber threats are evolving to become more sophisticated, with experts warning that it will soon be back, bigger than ever.

There’s a lot of hype right now surrounding the latest global cyberattack, “WannaCry”, which threatened more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries. According to Security experts, the worm spread largely by seeking out vulnerable machines on the net, and not via an email-based phishing campaign.

Always the lucky country, Australia managed to walk away relatively unscathed in the attack compared to countries like India which was hit 48,000 times, but nevertheless, WannaCry is a much needed wake-up call to businesses of all sizes to step up their security efforts. 

Everyone is a target

With data being produced every second by individuals and businesses, everyone is now a target for a cyberattack.

Hackers have evolved their strategies in recent years; from targeting mostly large enterprises, to SME’s and SMB’s who have become ripe for the picking with outdated technology. According to research by Security firm, Kaspersky Labs, SMB’s were hit the hardest in 2016, with 42 percent of them falling victim to a ransomware attack. Of those hit, one in five companies never got their files back despite paying the ransom fee.

Take it back to basics

The biggest threats companies are facing when it comes to IT security, are often humans. By not keeping software and systems up to date or opening a suspicious email your company can be at risk.  

The most basic but effective security steps you can take to guard against ransomware is raising awareness amongst employees and keeping your systems and software up to date.

Be ready for the next attack

WannaCry ransomware that uses the .wcry extension was first reported back in February 2017. WannaCry targeted unpatched versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP, locking computers and holding at least 12 Australian companies to ransom. In March, Microsoft issued security updates for the SMB server. And whilst WannaCry has been stopped in its tracks, experts warn that the threat will likely return.

If you have ageing systems, infrastructure and software, then your business is at an increased risk of being hit and all pro-active measures should be taken now to update your technology before the next wave hits. While Microsoft’s release of back ported patches is commendable proactive action the ACSC considers organisations running Windows XP, Server 2003 and other unsupported operating systems to be exposed to extreme risk.

CSG Total Office and Windows 10 Pro

By using CSG managed devices running Windows 10 with the latest patches and Office 365 most PCs are protected to the level recommended by the ACSC.  

With CSG’s Total Office solution and Windows 10 Pro, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your systems and software up to date because you’re automatically protected thanks to advanced features such as remote monitoring, automatic patch management and preventative maintenance.

To find out how you can protect your business and your customers for a simple, monthly cost per user, speak to our team on 1800 985 445 or click here to get an obligation free quote today.

Find out more about Total Office

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