Customer Imperatives

CSG has developed a unique set of customer imperatives that underpin the way we operate and interact with all we engage with.


  1. Unrivalled Customer Care

    Customer care and lifetime relationships are at the heart of everything we do. So we go further to be better.

  2. Technology and Innovation

    At CSG innovation and great thinking is expected. We seek and supply the best software and digital solutions to make your business more efficient and productive.

  3. Expert Independent Advice

    CSG provides indepth expert analysis objectively without bias. We are independent and create value because we are solutions focused. So you can expect more with CSG.

  4. Local Not Global

    Of the top five providers only CSG is Australian owned with headquarters in Australia and New Zealand. This means faster response and decision making, greater efficiencies and unequalled customer care.

  5. Multiple Brands, Not a Choice of One

    When you engage with CSG we recommend the best solution(s) for you, irrespective of the brand name. We are not manufacturers so we are not limited by product – you shouldn’t be either.

  6. CSG Makes Your Business Our Business

    CSG takes the time to understand your business, industry and unique challenges. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. Because we know one size does not fit all.

  7. Proactive – Never Complacent

    CSG’s proven success over the last 20 years is based on making things happen and a can do attitude. We actively engage and always stay one step ahead.

  8. Flexible Finance Facilitation

    Funding your new equipment shouldn’t be a hassle. CSG Finance removes the barriers and opens the door to flexible financial solutions – the right ones that suit you.

  9. Sustainability and CSR

    The CSG commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability is firmly entrenched in our policies and culture. We demonstrate this in deeds and actions – not just words.

  10. Quality and Service Guarantee

    At CSG, we stand behind our products and services with our 5 year guarantee. We aim to deliver more than you expect so you can always be confident with CSG.

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